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TW Solar: Pioneering Intelligent PV Manufacturing

By Lucy QingLiu

TW Solar is a leading crystalline silicon solar cell manufacturer known for its advanced technology, state-of-the-art production equipment, and unmatched automation in the PV industry. With six bases strategically located across different regions, TW Solar boasts an annual cell capacity of 70GW, projected to reach 130-150GW by 2024-2026.

Having entered the photovoltaics (PV) market in 2006, TW Solar has grown into an integrated PV enterprise with a complete industry chain. This includes high-purity polysilicon production, high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing, and experience in PV power plant construction and operation.

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The company's vertically integrated layout and independent intellectual property rights have positioned TW Solar as a significant participant and driving force in the global PV new energy industry. As the world's largest manufacturer of crystalline silicon solar cells and high-efficiency modules, TW Solar places great emphasis on sustainability. 

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They offer a range of innovative module options, including fully flexible, zero-lead, eco-friendly shingled modules and high-efficiency half-cell modules. These products not only provide customers with lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) but also cater to the diverse needs of global customers.

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TW Solar's commitment to innovation extends to its TW Solar 5G Super Smart Factory, which sets a benchmark for smart manufacturing in the industry. 

Equipped with industry 4.0 high-efficiency cell cutting production lines, the factory demonstrates remarkable improvements in labour reduction, energy consumption, and production efficiency. 

TW Solar's embrace of "5G + Industrial Internet" has further accelerated PV digital transformation, positioning them as a pioneer in advanced manufacturing.

With their technological advancements, sustainable practices, and focus on innovation, TW Solar continues to shape the future of intelligent PV manufacturing. 

TW Solar remains at the forefront of the global renewable energy revolution as they expand their production capacities and push the boundaries of solar cell efficiency.

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