Exploring the Innovations of TW Solar: A Deep Dive into TW Solar Technology


By Lucy QingLiu

TW Solar, a world-leading vertically integrated crystalline silicon solar manufacturer, stands out with its exceptional capabilities and complete control of the supply chain. With over 15,000 dedicated employees and a market capitalization of US$250bn, TW Solar guarantees its customers:

  • Consistent Supply
  • Production Capacity 
  • Product Quality
  • Warranty Reliability
  • Service Support
  • Financial Security
  • Supply Chain Traceability
  • Ethical & Environmental Standards

Investing heavily in R&D, technology, and distribution, TW Solar's manufacturing capacity is set to double to 150GW by 2025. Equipped with state-of-the-art automated unmanned intelligent factories, we offer the most competitive prices and highest quality in the industry.

TW Solar pioneering R&D and Intellectual Property ownership have led to the industry's highest-performing crystalline Silicon solar cells at 21.5% efficiency, as well as cutting-edge Shingled technology modules, ensuring the best Return on Investment and minimal environmental impact.

Benefits of Shingled Module Technology:

  • High Density Packing for increased active area and efficiency (95.2% active area ratio and 21.25% conversion efficiency)
  • Improved Thermal Conduction for better hotspot resistance
  • Solderless Flexible Interconnections, reducing micro cracks and stress
  • Flexible Adhesive for enhanced durability and power degradation resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials with Lead & Fluorine Free design for simplified recycling and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Improved Aesthetics with a uniform appearance for attractive installations
  • Segmented Cells for reduced mismatch and higher module reliability
  • Low Temperature Laser Cutting for improved cell integrity
  • Full Parallel Circuit Design offering superior anti-shading capabilities compared to half-cut modules.

TW Solar is committed to advancing solar technology for a brighter, greener future. Join us in our journey towards sustainable energy solutions! โ™ป๏ธโ˜€๏ธ 

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