The true cost of energy is certainly not the cost of our utility bills or how much our home appliances consume. It has some externality cost which may elude many but cannot be negotiated. Conventional fuel’s social, environmental, and economic impacts are highly inevitable. There are annual and cumulative costs that stem from all of the pollutants (airborne, solid, and liquid) emitted from mining, processing, and transporting fossil fuels that impact our public health and the environment. Arguably the best safer option may be grid electricity, however, its cost stretches as far as our lifetimes, and users are to pay bills as far as it remains used. With the increasing electricity need for people, it's only obvious one’s burden grappling with fat electricity bills is incessant. This assumed safer option being grid electricity seems unreliable especially in many developing countries.

Hydro and terminal are the main sources of grid power in most of these countries, and the cost of maintaining and sourcing for power among other unforeseen disruptions continues to deny many including households and businesses' consistent power supply. This is frustrating homes and collapsing businesses. It results in many resorting to conventional fuel power supply including generators and power plants whose adverse effect on the environment is threatening. However, today, we are witnessing a fast-growing new energy, renewable energy, derived from solar power and others. Unlike conventional energy sources, Photovoltaic system (PV) systems produce clean electricity for decades after achieving their energy payback in three or fewer years—this is truly the magic of PV technology. Freedom is prime in the many reasons for choosing off-grid PV systems. And solar energy is the best choice because it’s not subjected to tariff increases, it has no environmental complications thus no local or governmental restrictions, no blackouts meaning reliable power any day any time with the owner having full access to its operation.

Renewable energy (Solar energy) is convincingly the fastest-growing energy source around the world, in the US alone it has seen a 100% increase from 2000 to 2018. Globally renewables made up 26% of electricity generation in 2018. And this is expected to rise to 45% by 2040. Most of this increase is expected to come from many renewable energies led by solar with others like wind, hydropower, etc. considered. So considering the safest electricity or power supply options, it’s unequivocal that solar energy is the most democratic and economical. Because the sun shines everywhere thus the potential to explore solar is highly accessible to everyone. The interesting aspect is that once installed, power reigns forever and requires little maintenance compared to conventional fuel power supplies like generators that have movable parts. Its Greenhouse effect is less and thus makes the earth a safe place to live. Join the growing interest for renewable energy and save the world.

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