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Welcome to Failte Solar, this is the first official blog introducing A New Product, A New Team and A New Opportunity for A Greener Ireland. 
Ireland is undergoing major changes - we are having a new Government, we are fighting Covid-19, we are returning to normal living "somewhat" and there will be major changes in how we live and how we do things.
But life has to continue, we have to get on with things and we have to look forward to the future. Our hope is that Covid-19 is in the past and we just return to normality as quickly as possible and that the economy is revitalized.
A Green Ireland and a Solar Ireland is a must for future growth and development. And yes, Failte Solar is pleased to be part of a Greener Ireland and is eager to assist you with all your Solar Energy requirements.
Of course, at Failte Solar our priority is the safety of our staff, customers, partners and community and we are taking every step to implement the recommendations issued by our government. Failte Solar has a well-defined comprehensive business continuity plan to keep our operations and services running smoothly during the Covid-19 period.
Failte Solar is the premier distributor of solar energy products, a leader in the solar transformation business in Ireland, and is always exploring new opportunities to boost its capabilities to make solar power accessible to all.
Failte Solar has partnered with most of the world-leading manufacturers of Solar Panels, Inverter, Batteries, and Mounting and every aspect of the Solar business. Just visit our website, and see for yourself and you will see our presence across the solar spectrum. 
Failte Solar is fast becoming a global leading brand of solar PV modules and a provider of solar energy solutions. Come and see for yourself, you're most welcome to visit our showroom in the Western Business Park at Shannon Industrial Estate, get updated on all the latest solar products, and view the most up-to-date educational videos on all aspects of the solar solutions industry.
Failte Solar await your call or email, do get connected with our team for all your solar requirements. 
Go Green...Go Solar...Go Failte Solar


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