Technology and Innovation Improving Profitability for Installers


Like in any other industry, the speed and efficiency of completing jobs to a high-quality standard determines the potential cost and ultimate profitability of a project. The factors involved in installing and commissioning solar energy systems can, at times, hamper the installer, including, but not limited to, the number of components in a system, the inflexibility of the products and the complexity of some jobs.

Unfortunately, it is hard to eliminate all those elements, but there is a paradigm shift happening in the solar industry that we believe will help improve profitability, drive down end user cost and eradicate a considerable amount of complexity. The saviour being the innovation, design and technology being driven into the market by integrated energy systems.

As home energy has evolved, so has its technology.  We still see the majority of installs for a hybrid inverter system with separate inverter and batteries. However, the advent of stackable floor-mounted energy systems is revolutionising this landscape. By integrating inverters, BMS and batteries into compact, stackable units, installers can significantly reduce installation time and streamline the entire process.

One of the primary advantages of integrated systems is the elimination of complex wiring configurations. In traditional setups, installers have to meticulously wire inverters and batteries separately, often requiring intricate manuals and precise execution, as well as wall mounting time (which we all know can be a time drain).

Conversely, integrated systems are increasingly coming in a plug-and-play set up, reducing the installation time by eliminating the need for extensive wiring work. This simplified design not only saves time but also minimises the risk of wiring errors, enhancing the overall reliability of the system. With standardised, or ready-to-go connectors and interfaces, installers can simply plug the components together, significantly reducing setup time.

One of the other key advantages, particularly from a design and aesthetic point of view is that Installers can efficiently stack multiple units in a compact footprint, maximising energy output without sacrificing installation speed. A key advantage to the end user and an outcome that may justify a propensity to invest more in a battery system.

An aspect that installers need to also take into consideration is the number of components needed in a traditional system in comparison to the integrated approach found in the newer energy stacks.

Two great examples of these integrated energy systems are SOFARs PowerAll and the SigenStor from Sigenergy. Both have integrated Battery, BMS and Inverters sitting on the same stack. Sigenergy have also created further flexibility to mix 5kw and 8kw batteries from its range, with zero effort required from the installer, again underlining its ease of use and speed of installation.

Additionally, the streamlined installation process lowers labour costs, enabling installers to complete more jobs within a given timeframe.

The ability to complete more installations per week is a significant advantage for solar installers, especially in a competitive market. Integrated systems empower installers to take on more projects without compromising on quality or efficiency. By minimizing installation time and maximising throughput, installers can expand their client base and drive business growth.

Beyond the immediate benefits of time and cost savings, integrated systems also enhance the overall reliability and performance of solar installations. With components engineered to work seamlessly together, integrated systems offer improved system efficiency and durability. This reliability not only reduces maintenance requirements but also enhances the long-term viability of solar energy as a sustainable solution.

Stackable floor-mounted energy systems represent a positive opportunity in the solar industry. By streamlining installation processes, these integrated systems offer significant time and cost advantages for both installers and consumers. As the demand for solar energy continues to rise, the adoption of integrated systems is poised to accelerate, driving greater efficiency and accessibility in renewable energy installations.

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