What Are Jinko Tiger Neo N-Type Panels Benefits?


Unleashing the Power of N-Type Mono-crystalline Cells: The Advantages of JinkoSolar's Tiger Neo N-Type TOPCon Panels

By Lucy QingLiu 16/06/2023


JinkoSolar Technology Co., a leader in solar innovation, is revolutionizing the industry with its Tiger Neo N-Type TOPCon modules. These panels offer exceptional performance and a range of advantages that set them apart from traditional P-type modules. This article will explore the remarkable product advantages of JinkoSolar's N-Type Mono-crystalline cells and their significant impact on solar energy generation.


Linear Power Warranty for 30 Years:

JinkoSolar's N-Type TOPCon Panels come with a remarkable linear power warranty of 30 years. This extended warranty period surpasses that of traditional P-type modules, ensuring reliable and consistent power output over an extended period. With JinkoSolar Technology Co., we can know that the solar system will continue to perform optimally for decades.


Optimized Degradation and Advanced Warranty:

The advanced warranty of JinkoSolar's N-Type TOPCon modules guarantees optimized degradation performance. In the first year, the degradation is lower than 1%, resulting in a power output of over 87.4% compared to the initial year. as well as the Linear degradation is 0.4%. This unprecedented degradation rate ensures the solar system maintains high efficiency and power generation capabilities over its lifetime.


Enhanced Low Light Performance:

N-Type cells, with their higher internal resistance and longer minority carrier life, naturally exhibit superior low light response compared to P-type modules. JinkoSolar Technology Co.'s N-Type TOPCon modules surpass traditional PERC modules in low light performance, extending the power generation period by approximately 1 hour in the morning and evening. This extended generation period increases energy capture and overall system productivity.


Low Light Coefficient:

JinkoSolar's N-Type TOPCon modules excel in low light conditions, particularly in power outputs below 600W/m2. Their low light coefficient outperforms P-type modules, ensuring a consistently higher power output even in challenging environmental conditions. This advantage makes JinkoSolar's N-Type TOPCon modules an excellent choice for regions with lower sunlight intensity or varying weather patterns.


Jinko Solar's Tiger Neo N-Type TOPCon modules offer a host of advantages that make them a top choice for solar energy generation. With a linear power warranty of 30 years, optimized degradation performance, enhanced low-light response, and a low-light coefficient, these modules provide exceptional efficiency and power output. Choosing JinkoSolar Technology Co., at Failte Solar means investing in a solar solution that ensures long-term performance, reliability, and sustainability.

Leap superior solar energy generation. Choose Jinko's N-Type TOPCon Panels and unlock the full potential of the solar system.

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