435W Tiger Neo 54 Cell N-type All Black

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435W Tiger Neo 54 Cell N-type All Black

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Dimension 1762ร—1134ร—30mm
Linear Power Warranty (Years) 30 years
Product Warranty (Years) 25 years
Cell Type N type Mono-crystalline
Number of Cells 108 (6ร—18)
Module Efficiency (%) 21.77%
Manufacturer Jinko Solar

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Jinko Solar Panels: Leading the Solar Revolution

JinkoSolar, the world's top supplier of photovoltaic modules, is dedicated to global expansion to provide unparalleled services to our customers.

As one of the most innovative solar module manufacturers worldwide, JinkoSolar competes for the title of the largest solar manufacturer. With a strong focus on R&D, they were pioneers in offering N-type mono products with leading efficiencies and performance, catering to both domestic and C&I markets.

Excitingly, we have a large stock of these high-performing panels, boasting some of the best efficiency ratings available. Notably, they come with an extensive 25-year product warranty (on all-black versions) and a remarkable 30-year performance warranty! Expect minimal annual degradation compared to P-type modules, with an output of over 87% after 30 years.

Join the solar revolution with JinkoSolar panels. Order now and harness the power of the sun for decades to come! 

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